Varicose Veins


The final result will be a more uniform and clear skin

Spider veins occur as a result of a number of factors including inheritance, sun damage, and skin conditions such as rosacea.

There are two treatment options available for the treatment of spider veins:

The first method is to use a laser to eliminate unsightly telangiectasias and veins.

The second method, called sclerotherapy, involves injecting a solution into the lesion directly.

The final result will be a more uniform and clear skin, and the benefits can be observed after only two or three sessions.

Laser therapy is a proven option for the treatment of dilated vessels and broken capillaries, as well as other unwanted vascular injuries, such as port wine stains and reddish birthmarks.

Our team of dermatologists offers vein treatment with the LP-Yag laser by Alma Lasers, which is a high-power laser. The energy of the laser does not damage the surface of the skin, but is absorbed by the hemoglobin, a protein that is found inside the blood in the vein or telangiectasia. This concentrated energy coagulates the lining of the vein causing it to collapse and finally the remains are absorbed by the body.


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