Treatment of Scars


The perfect solution for stretch marks and scars

Legato II is the first minimally invasive solution for the treatment of stretch marks, scars (including those caused by acne), whitening and skin rejuvenation.
Currently, there is great interest by both patients and doctors in finding an effective treatment that significantly improves the appearance of the stria or scar. There are many protocols that help improve their appearance, with more or less invasive techniques and with relatively satisfactory results. The truth is that with each innovation that is presented a step forward in their knowledge and treatment.
Given this, Alma Lasers presents the new version Legato II, integral solution for scars and stretch marks.
It treats of a platform that offers a combined treatment to improve integrally the skin, as much from the deep plane as superficial, that combines the application of technologies and active principles to treat multiple pathologies of the skin, among them, the striae.
Minimally invasive and highly effective, Legato II performs very fast and painless treatments. In addition to combining microplasma technology and Impact, Legato II includes Unipolar Pro technology, which allows:

- Better control of the level of ablation that penetrates the skin.
- Greater control of the patient's thermal effect.
- More precision: Indicates at all times the level of discomfort of the patient.


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