It is safe, pain-free, and its effectiveness is clinically proven

Alma SweatX is a completely new treatment to improve excessive sweating and bad body odor.

Alma SweatX works by delivering precisely controlled thermal energy to the treatment area, selectively deactivating the sweat glands.

Treatment is quick and painless, and improvement is often seen after only one treatment, although at least 4 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

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Other services

    • Laser Depilation

      Laser Depilation

      The latest technologies for hair reduction can remove unwanted hair safely and permanently. Our team uses Soprano ICE laser from Alma Lasers, which combines the 810nm diode laser with the Alexandrite of 755nm.

    • Photorejuvenation


      Intense pulsed light is a gentle, safe and effective treatment to correct sun damage and signs of premature aging. Our team of doctors is ready to give your skin a fresh and young look.

    • Tattoo Removal

      Tattoo Removal

      The laser removes tattoos by emitting a special light that passes through the skin and is preferably absorbed by the tattoo inks on the skin.

    • CO2 Laser

      CO2 Laser

      The fractionated CO2 laser is a revolutionary treatment, with surprising results for those seeking a natural and sustained rejuvenation.

    • Hair Loss

      Hair Loss

      Although it has been used for more than a decade … in recent years, low-level light therapy has finally won the acceptance of the most outstanding doctors in the field of hair restoration

    • Varicose Veins

      Varicose Veins

      Spider veins occur as a result of a number of factors including inheritance, sun damage, and skin conditions such as rosacea.