Gives a natural look to the ears

Many people have low self-esteem because they have protruding, malformed or protruding ears. For children, large or protruding ears can be particularly problematic, as this condition often leads to social embarrassment and teasing.

Ear remodeling (otoplasty) is a surgical procedure that can help reposition protruding ears, correct poorly defined ear folds, and balance asymmetric ears. The goal of otoplasty is to give a natural appearance to the ears and well positioned that are in harmony with the general facial aesthetic.
Ear remodeling is a common procedure for children six to seven years of age. At this age, the ears have grown to almost their adult size. Many parents choose to do the procedure early to protect their children from jokes at school. Otoplasty can also be done for older children, teenagers, and even adults who are aware of themselves about the size, shape or position of their ears.

Benefits of Otoplasty
  • Corrects poorly defined ear creases
  • Balances the asymmetrical ears
  • Improves general facial aesthetics
Who is a good candidate for ear reshaping surgery (otoplasty)?

People who are not happy with malformed or protruding ears may be good candidates for ear remodeling surgery. Ear remodeling can be an excellent option for young children (from six or seven years of age), older children, adolescents and adults.


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