Increasing of Buttocks


Helps to emphasize curves and improve the body profile in general

Many women want to look firm but well-rounded buttocks to help accentuate their feminine curves. If you are looking to add volume where genetics have failed, or if you want to lift and contour the buttocks to correct the unwanted changes of aging, pregnancy or weight loss, a gluteal augmentation can help you achieve the figure you so desire.

Since each woman has a unique body and very personal goals, Dr. Arosemena uses a combination of advanced techniques to achieve results that are truly personalized for each individual. The natural fat graft allows a high degree of flexibility to achieve rounded but well formed buttocks. And because the fat graft uses its own fat to increase the volume instead of relying on foreign substances, the risks are minimized and the results are more natural.

In addition to fat grafting, Dr. Arosemena can reshape and lift the buttocks, a procedure that is especially beneficial for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight. During a breech lift, the inner tissue can be manipulated and rotated in a more youthful and beneficial position. Liposuction directed around the gluteal area can also help to emphasize curves and improve body profile in general.

Benefits of gluteal augmentation
  • Improves the shape and firmness of the buttocks
  • Accent the curves
  • Lift the buttocks after a significant loss of weight
Who is a good candidate for gluteal augmentation / buttock lift surgery?

People who want firm but well-rounded buttocks are candidates for buttock augmentation surgery. This includes people who want to add volume, as well as people who want to improve the shape, contours and position of the glutes. People who have noticed unwanted changes in the shape of the buttocks after a significant loss of weight may also want to consider this procedure.


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