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Age Management Medicine

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Age management medicine is a comprehensive preventive approach to the aging process. It means adopting a proactive posture to preserve the physical, mental and quality of life of the person experiencing the degenerative signs of aging.

CDA medical programs reduce the risks of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, improve the treatment of chronic diseases and reduce mental and emotional deterioration related to age.


Dr. Enrique Mayo

The process begins with a consultation with Dr. Enrique Mayo to determine which techniques will maximize the benefits for a patient. The evaluation combines sophisticated laboratory tests, questionnaires about your medical history, sleep, diet, exercise and quality of life to establish the physical, metabolic, hormonal and mental baselines of each patient.

During the last years, Dr. Mayo has been working successfully in the well-being of the elderly, with a focus on the prevention of age disorders, promoting techniques to extend the quality and projection of life, based on responsible principles and research in hormonal balance.

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